“When I first turned to Nadina for help in 2015, I had no clear goals in life, was disillusioned in my career path, and unable to work due to trauma.  Nadina helped me to explore my doubts and to make sense of the events that led to my departure from the workforce. Nadina skillfully used art and listening to help me reconstruct my professional identity, clarify my values, and develop a vision for my future professional path. Five months later I re-entered the workforce and saw a 25% increase in income compared to my previous job.  Nadina’s help and support made me a believer in the healing power of listening and the value of art for everyone, regardless of their artistic skill. I now strive to impart those two gifts to other people in my life.” ~ Tijana

“I first met Nadina when I was in university, and I was an absolute wreck; I had been suffering from chronic depression and social anxiety, university stress was taking a toll on my psyche, and I was struggling with familial issues. Through months of support, Nadina taught me valuable coping mechanisms, healthy and productive ways to deal with my issues, how to communicate with people with understanding and compassion, and most importantly, how to be at peace with myself. I will never forget the lessons which she has shared with me… there was laughter, and there were tears, and with her help, I am a much stronger person today.”  ~ Elena